How Often Should Businesses Schedule Commercial Cleaning Services?

Your office is a beacon of pride, a display of success. Its upkeep shows your commitment to the image you convey and sends a welcoming message to people. Getting your business place tidy and clean is a straightforward affair but there is more to it than just wiping off spills.

Nowadays, cleanliness is more than just tidiness; people are more concerned with hygiene. For example, wiping a tabletop with a damp rag might remove dust but does not necessarily make it “clean.” In addition, airborne viruses have proven to be more potent. As the recent pandemic has shown the world, they can lead to deadly consequences.

Now is a good time to consider professional cleaning services to do more than just keep things shiny.

Why Hire Commercial Cleaning Companies?

Cleaning service companies have the skills, experience, and equipment to provide specialized service that gets the job done right.

Consider this: you operate a facility for children, such as a small school. They use their hands a lot and quickly spread germs around. Having a dedicated cleaner taking care of disinfecting can help prevent the spread of disease and ensure regular cleaning of facilities like toilets.

Commercial cleaners use equipment that is impractical to purchase for small businesses. In addition, their approaches to deep cleaning methods are more thorough and use chemicals to ensure maximum coverage.

How Often Should You Have Cleaning Services in Your Office?

The answer typically depends on the number of people inside the office or the amount of foot traffic involved. For example, your conference room will need less attention than a café.  Hiring a cleaning service frees your employees to focus on the business.

A deep clean is recommended yearly for low traffic spaces to as much as three times more for areas frequented by people. Aside from toilets, favorite breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses are air conditioners and doorknobs. Airborne pathogens settle in these areas and, if not disinfected, can lead to sickness. For example, a study has shown that a doorknob harboring a virus can attach itself to 60% of the people touching it within 4 hours. Unfortunately, shiny things do not always mean they are squeaky clean.

Work with Professionals at Sterling Cleaning

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