Hire a Cleaning Company to Remove Paint Drops on Marble?

Marble is a versatile stone people love to design their modern and contemporary homes with. It is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces for countertops, walls, and flooring. It is considered the perfect choice for these applications for its elegance, and breathtakingly stylish, and luxurious look.

Although there is a wide price range of marble, the natural stone, which is mined and extracted using costly procedures is more expensive than granite and man-made tiles and comparable in cost to quartz. With your investment in marble, you should ensure that is given the best care and maintenance to prolong its service life. 

Common Types of Marble Stains

The Marble Institute identifies the seven most typical marble stains – rust stains, oil-based stains, organic stains, ink stains, water stains, mold stains, etch marks and paint stains.

The reason for classifying these stains is because each of them has a unique method of removal. You have to know what you need to remove your unique marble stain. The kind of stain you have on your marble will require specific treatment using different methods, cleaning supplies, and solvents of various mixture percentages.   

A Cleaning Company to Remove Paint on Marble   

When you have a home renovation or improvement that involves repainting, the possibility of paint dropping on your marble flooring, walls, backsplashes, fireplace, etc. could not be totally avoided. Hiring the services of a cleaning company to remove paint on your marble is a prudent thing to do. You stand to gain many benefits.

1. Unless you have the knowledge and experience, trying to remove the paint stain on your marble yourself is a big risk that may totally damage your precious investment when not done right.

2. There are so many stain removers available in the market that should only be used for a specific application. Choosing just any method can be disastrous to your marble.

3. A professional cleaning company with enough experience knows what they’re doing. They have the advanced equipment, tools, and materials for the job to ensure quality and safety. 

4. The service provider’s staff is licensed and insured. The cleaning company can provide a reasonable warranty to their job, which can give you peace of mind.

Hiring a cleaning company to remove paint drops on marble is a no-brainer. For a small fraction of the price you paid for your valuable marble and the potential cost of replacing the marble should it get damaged, you’ll be confident of an amazing result only the professionals could provide. 

If you need help in removing paint drops or other nasty stains on your marble floor, countertop, or tiles, our cleaning experts will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand. Contact us now and tell us your cleaning concern.