Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Explained

What is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coatings are one of the most popular floorings used in U.S.A. today and more people prefer epoxy flooring for their garages and other concrete areas than any other finish. They are very popular in Florida where the extreme sun and heat make very important to protect driveways and garages than in places with cooler, cloudier climates. Epoxy floors are durable, stain and wear resistant, and can come in almost any color you can think of.

Epoxy is a resin polymer made from epoxid日本藤素
es. It is a strong thermosetting synthetic resin, it is usually used in surface coatings, laminates, and adhesives.

Why use an Epoxy Coating on Your Garage Floor?

Protective floor coatings are a good way to make areas of your home more resistant and durable to foot traffic, nature, and other things. Exposure to the elements, physical damage, or simply old age can cause big deterioration in surfaces that are exposed to use. One of the most abused areas in a home is the garage floor and driveway. These areas can be protected by using strong garage floor coatings like epoxy flooring and is an astounding way to protect a garage or workshop floor from impact damage, chemical, oil, and fuel spills. A high quality epoxy garage floor is very resistant to most types of damage. The best quality garage floor epoxy coatings are madeto have a variety of traits such as heat resistance–up to 350 degrees for some, impact resistant up to 500 PSI, and is a color-fast material. It also resists chipping, cracking, and peeling.


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