How do you keep marble clean year after year?

Marble is one of the most elegant, resistant, and timeless stones. It’s often used in architectural or decoration projects as facades, columns, stairs, floors, fireplaces, or countertops. Due to its use in different environments can be exposed to many substances that may compromise its useful life and surface. This article will help you with how to preserve marbles and granites.

  1. Waterproofing:
    To avoid the absorption of liquids that can cause stains, people who have stone countertops in their kitchen or bathroom area should waterproof them routinely. This should be done annually to prolong its conservation and increase how long your counters look excellent and new!
  2. Installation:
    Do you know how there are some materials in home decorating where if they’re installed improperly, then everything looks like garbage? Well, with special projects such as marbles or granites, installation errors could compromise the design of your space by causing irreparable damages requiring more expensive repairs than anticipated. This all boils down to knowing what kind of material you have on hand – so make sure that when looking at which company installs these surfaces best, ask about their knowledge base first before signing anything binding commitments just yet.
  3. Stains and scratches:
    Marble is a porous material, so it needs special care with liquids on its surface. Liquids such as oil, fat, or even water in abundance can create irreversible stains that will permanently damage the brightness of marble stones. In case there’s a spill happening, either way, you should clean up at once before any further damages are done to this lovely stone!
  4. Daily cleaning:
    To avoid the ugly stains that ruin your beautiful marble or granite, you should clean it regularly. Cleaning is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth and then drying it off afterward!
  5. Avoid chemical and abrasive products
    NEVER use bleach or other abrasive chemicals on marbles as they can cause stains, scratches and make them lose their natural elegance.

Marble and granite are beautiful stones for many purposes. They’re also a lot of work to keep clean, but that’s no problem with these simple tips!
With these simple tips, you can enjoy the beauty and durability of marble or granite without having to worry about them getting dirty.

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