Wondering ‘Are There House Cleaning Services Near Me?’ We Are the Best Home Cleaners in Palm Beach!

In case you recently moved into Palm Beach and you’ve been wondering if there are companies offering cleaning services in the neighborhood, please, wonder no more. Sterling Cleaning Services is the best home cleaner you can find in Palm Beach. It is a family owned company that offers exceptional house and business cleaning services. Our professional team of expert cleaners has been serving thousands of clients in Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach since 1999 and we are well known as the best cleaning services provider in the entire neighborhood.

Our services

At Sterling Cleaning we ensure that every of our services are rendered with the utmost determination to give you the best. We envision your desired results and we make sure your expectations are met. Our teams are out to give your home and office environments the sterling clean that you deserve!

We deliver excellent services without compromise. Sterling Cleaning offers regular home cleaning services, office cleaning services, occasional cleaning services, move-out cleaning services, outdoor cleaning services, etc, for households and offices in Palm Beach. We are licensed and insured. Some of our services include:

Marble Polishing

We are a leader in the industry and we conduct every cleaning service on behalf of our clients with a touch of excellence. Sterling Cleaning delivers excellent marble floor polishing, marble countertop restoration, and marble tile cleaning for households and offices in Palm Beach and the entire Florida. We will always leave smiles on your face.

Tile & Grout

At Sterling Cleaning, we have the capacity to fix those stubborn dark stains or discoloration on your tiles and grout. We have the equipment and expertise required. We can also help you to fix your broken tiles as well as missing ones.

Carpet & Upholstery

Our services at Sterling Cleaning include the cleaning of household flooring details such as rug, carpet and upholstery. We have been in the industry for while now, hence we have the advantage of experience and we are committed to delivering the best services at all times.

Pressure Cleaning

In line with our value system we always take our time to clean your home in ways that will bring out its glamour. We ensure a cutting-edge home exterior cleansing that can help increase face and market values properties. Our team of experts will ensure your home is adorned with a glittering roof, driveway, gutters, sidewalks, curb and deck.

Epoxy Coatings

We have what it takes to keep your Epoxy floor coatings as clean, and as glitter as possible. Give us a trial and we will deliver as promise.

House Keeping

A properly cleaned and maintained home will guarantee great health for the inhabitants as well as their visitors. Sterling Cleaning provides weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or a one-time house cleaning and maid services.

So, if you’re new in Palm Beach, you don’t have anything to worry about concerning your cleaning needs. Just contact Sterling Cleaning for all your home and office cleaning in the Palm Beach and its environ, whether it is a marble floor and countertop polishing, maintenance or restoration, tile and grout cleaning, pressure washing, window or carpet cleaning. We are in your neighborhood and you can reach us at 2532 Old Okeechobee Rd Suite 11, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409 or via our reliable email at: [email protected].