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House Cleaning & Housekeeping Services in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens:

We specialize in giving you the best house cleaning service in the Palm Beach area! We love our happy clients and strive to give them the most professional house cleaning and housekeeping services for all homes’ living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens! Call us today at (561) 880-0048! Below are all our house cleaning and housekeeping services:

All rooms with dedicated cleaners to help with all your housekeeping services:

• Dusting:
– Picture frames, Knickknacks, Ceiling fans, Lamps, Furniture, Woodwork, Shelves, Baseboards
• Vacuum carpets
• Vacuum furniture, including under any cushions
• Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets

Standard Kitchen Cleaning:

• Appliances
• Counters
• Cabinets
• Table and chairs
• Range top
• Refrigerator
• Microwave (inside and out)
• Clean and Sanitize:
– Sinks, Countertops, Backsplashes
• Floors

Standard Bathroom Cleaning:

• Mirrors
• Polish chrome
• Clean and Sanitize:
Shower, Bath tub, Sinks, Vanity, Backsplashes, Toilet, Floors, Tile Walls

Special house cleaning services are also available.

Leave other time-consuming cleaning chores to us and get time back to spend on other things. The Sterling Cleaning office also offers these additional services:

• Apartments / Small Spaces
• Oven cleaning
• Refrigerator威而鋼
• Window washing
• Packing & unpacking
• Wall washing
• Cabinet cleaning
• Don’t see a service; just ask.

Our company operates in the areas of Palm Beach County especially offering and providing any type of cleaning service in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, and most of South Florida. Our house cleaning service is the best around to keep your home clean as well as provide you with the best house cleaner services available to maintain your beautiful home! Try our home cleaning in Palm Beach today! Call us at (561) 880-0048 or email us at [email protected]