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Marble Care

Cleaning marbles may be easy. Wipe them with water and any dirt is gone in an instant. But how sure are you that they’re really clean? How come after several weeks they lose their luster and shine? Some stains are even beginning to form on their surfaces! You must have done something wrong, or you’re not doing it right? What’s the difference? The thing is that you’re not getting the desired effect. So what are you going to do? You need to do better. Proper marble care requires more than water and soap.

There’s a company that specializes in marble care called Sterling Stone and Tile Care. We have all the expertise in handling marbles which include marble care, marble polishing, and marble restoration. You don’t need to look for different companies to do each job. We can be relied on to clean your marble floorings, counter tops, Jacuzzis, fire places, and windows, to name just a few, spick and span.

Now what makes marble special? For one thing, they’re very expensive. They’re beautiful and exquisite looking, and they’re also difficult to maintain. They’re easily susceptible to cuts and stains. Cleaning them will require effort, time, and patience. Now, if you have marble flooring, that’s something else. A counter top and window sill are smaller than and not as dirty as the floor. Marble care is not a task for your cleaning woman to do. It should be handled by professional cleaners; not just ordinary house cleaners but experts in marble handling. That’s where we come in.

A Sample of Marble Care Technique

What are the usual ways of cleaning marbles? First, water is applied. This is to remove the top dirt. Then strippers are administered to remove the hard core dirt and stains. After the stripper is removed at least a few hours are allowed to dry the stripper. In some cases, 24 hours is required. Waxing the floor then follows. A water based wax is desirable to prevent people from sliding. Then it’s topped by a sealant. Sealants will catch the dirt and the stain, preserving the integrity of the marble. This is just one aspect of marble care.

Everyone can claim they’re experts in marble care; you have to be careful when you hire people to do the cleaning for you. Asking for referrals will help prevent any misgivings in the future. Marble is really beautiful when in pristine condition; though it can become sore for your eyes if handled in a way short of precision. It’s unbearable to live with dirty marble floors.

Marble Care Means Total Clean Up

When we say marble care it means total maintenance. That’s what we’re offering to you. We can schedule a regular visitation and keep your marbles in top shape.

Aside from marble care, we are also experts in cleaning upholsteries, carpets, grouts, and wood floorings. We have you covered for all your cleaning needs. All you have to do is give us a call and we will come to you, no questions asked, except perhaps for your directions. Please visit our website as well.