How do professionals rejuvenate marble?

Marble is the most widely used natural stone. It’s durable and attractive with a timeless appeal, but it will need periodic maintenance for years of continued beauty like any other surface.

With time and foot traffic, the glory fades from newly installed marble floors until homeowners wonder if they can be restored back to their original luster? Yes! With just one little trick, you’ll have beautifully revitalized marble that looks as good as new or better than ever before. And best of all – it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what the professionals suggest.

Step 1: Griding
It’s the maximum effective and dynamic step, additionally called lippage removal, dipping, or flattening. Even newly mounted marble surfaces may have a few tiles to be top or decrease of ground flatness. This step eliminates all ledges, roughness and brings flatness to marble flooring. Also, this step can dispose of the innermost scratches and stains.

Step 2: Honing
Honing is the step of ground recovery that smoothing the marble surface with commercial diamonds, bringing extra shine to the marble. Honing will even dispose of scratches, stains and provide a different uniform appearance. In a few instances honing is all that’s had to get you stone searching stunning again.

Step 3: Polishing
Polishing offers a semi-shining or shining impact on the marble floor. Polishing is carried out with the aid of using commercial diamonds. However, smaller graded than even as honing. For marble flooring in the proper condition, sharpening may be sufficient to carry the shine again.

Step 4: Buffing or Crystallization.
Crystallization is a technique of marble ground finishing. It brings “mirror-like” shine via means of chemical response at the marble floor. Crystallization additionally creates a microfilm on the surface of marble that’s extra stable and sturdy and enables to keep the color and the brightness of the marble. Thus, crystallization is a superb technique for everyday stone maintenance.

Sterling Cleaning knows that your marbles are more than just a surface. They’re an investment in beauty and elegance. So if you want your marble restoration service, we can help. Our process starts with a thorough deep cleaning and then the polishing treatment, which will bring out the natural beauty of your stone.

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