How to Get Rid of Scratches on Marble?

Marble is one of the top popular materials to use for home surfaces such as flooring, countertops, tabletops, and many others. And it is the first choice for many homeowners for good reasons too. Not only is this natural stone beautiful and enhances the aesthetic value of your home interior, but it is also durable and very high-quality. Additionally, marble is smooth making it easy to clean as no crevices and cracks can collect dirt.

The only downside to this elegant stone is that it gets scratched so easily. No matter how careful you are around it, chances are the next time you take a look, a new scratch has already been etched.

If you discovered a new scratch on your marble surface today, no need to panic! While you might require professional help for deeper scratches, you can easily get rid of minor ones by yourself. Simply follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Prepare a mixture of warm water and mild soap          

Before attempting to remove the scratch, make sure to clean the marble surface thoroughly first. Take a cup of warm water and slowly add in mild dish soap until it is in a bubbly consistency. Make sure not to use abrasives and choose the weakest detergent you can find to prevent discoloration on your marble surface.

Step 2: Rub with the mixture using a damp cloth

Take a spare cloth and soak it in the water-soap mixture you have prepared beforehand. Wring the cloth completely to remove all excess water that it has soaked. Make sure that the cloth is just damp and not soaking wet. Then, gently rub this damp cloth on the scratched area of the marble surface.

Step 3: Rinse and buff

After rubbing the scratched surface for a good few minutes, take a separate clean cloth and soak it in warm water alone. Wring the soaked cloth to again, achieve a damp state. This is what you will use to rinse out the soapy residue on the marble. Then with another cloth, a dry one this time, buff the surface gently in circular motions. 

Step 4: Polish

Finally, use a reputable stone-polishing product to polish the surface of the marble as a final touch. You can also try polishing it with fine grain sandpaper.

Prevent Scratches in the Future

While completely preventing scratches from marble surfaces is near impossible, exercising precaution is still the best way to avoid them. Applying sealers and protective coats also keep scratches away and are necessary for caring for the stone.