Marble Polishing Service in Palm Beach Gardens Florida



We remember how it felt when we first moved in to a new house. The new-house-scent, the environment and most importantly, the shiny and hard, smooth surfaces of the marble. It usually attracted commendation and admiration from our guests.

Unfortunately, as time went on, stains, sills, from the kids and neighbours, work, all began to wear out the shine and outstanding marble qualities. Perhaps this has also been your experience. It usually happens to a lot of people who either after trying, leave it alone and get embarrassed anytime they have guests. For some, they even take more drastic measures- Have a friend who once moved out because he was too ‘embarrassed’ to live with a marble stain. Sounds funny huh?

Well, this is why we have Marble polishing services at Sterling services! We do not want you moving out of your homes because of that marble stain. We also do not want you feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable anytime you have guests.

We understand quality, we understand marble. No matter the type of marble used, whether calcite, dolomite, magnesium marble, or it may be the Crema Biege, Crema Marfil, Calacatta or Carrara (there are many more). We know the best method to approach their cleaning and polishing.

At Sterling Cleaning, we have dedicated and well-trained staff who have through learning and experience come to master the art of marble cleaning and polishing. We have various dedicated officers to advise you n the type of marble to use for your floors in case you need some expert advice too.

We also have state-of-the-art equipment for the polishing and cleaning of your marble floors. In cleaning and polishing for example, we have good techniques for floor grinding, polishing and scrubbing and crystallization. We also offer window cleaning, pressure cleaning, carpet and upholstery services.  No matter how stubborn the stains may be, no matter how long they might have stayed, we want to assure you that our machines are bigger and tougher. So, you can count on quality finishing all round.

Around Palm Beach and beyond, we are known for our taste and quality in business. As some of our customers love to say: ‘efficiency guaranteed, competition floored’. As a matter of fact, we are the best in the area!

There is also a myth that since marble is a stone, it does not need maintenance. There can be nothing farther from the truth! From Countertops to tile and floors, they all need adequate care and maintenance.  Contact us at Sterling cleaning as we begin to reveal professional tips and methods that you can do at your convenience to preserve your marble floor.  A lot of quick fixes and do-it-yourself techniques are available in this area. We have experts willing to help.

Marble polishing is what we do, and you can contact us now to have your expectations surpassed. We are here to secure your happiness. We are here to give you that quality finish you so deserve. Let us get that Palm Beach Marble out of the rubble!