Finding the Right Cleaning Service for Your Home

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The Appropriate Cleaning Company for Your Specific Home

This may be the first time you look into hiring a cleaning company to clean your home. It may seem like an intimidating task since you’ve never had strangers clean your home before. Maybe you’re asking, “How can I trust them and certain that they will do a good job?”

First off, you can never be 100% certain but there are ways to minimize the risks and hire the best cleaning service for your particular home. Do your homework, research the company, and have a thorough conversation with them over the phone before hiring them.

1. Search Online

Make sure that the company you are looking to hire has a website. A website shows that they are professional and that they are willing to display their information to the public. Most cleaning service will have pictures of their cleaning crew and even before and after pictures of their previous services. Make sure to look through the pages and make sure that the information they provide is consistent.Sterling_Cleaning_Marble_Polishing_Job_tile_and_grout_9

2. Read Reviews

On the website or other social sites like Yelp you can find reviews left by previous customers. Read through a couple of them, especially the bad ones. If you see a bad review go ahead and call the company and ask about the service and what they have to say about that client.

Sometimes the client who left a bad review may just be very picky but sometimes the company did do a bad job and if they are professional they will be honest with you. Addressing it with them before hiring them will cause them to take an extra precaution when working in your home and they will most likely not make the same mistake with you.


3. Inquire of how they will clean

When you call the cleaning company describe your home to them and ask them how they will clean your home. The more comprehensive the answer they offer the better. This shows that they have experience and that they are prepared to take care of your specific needs.

4. Ask for Rates

Different companies will have different rates. Some may charge a bit extra if you ask them to use environmentally friendly products while other companies only use such products.

Rates will also vary based on the size of your home, the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and whether or not you have children and/or pets. Make sure all of these details are addressed before hiring them. You do not want to be surprised by an additional service charge at the end of their visit.


Bottom line: Do your homework. The more information is available to you, the more you know about the cleaners and cleaning company the smaller the risk you will be taking. Enjoy a clean home!

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