6 Simple Steps for a Clean Bedroom – West Palm Beach FL


Clean Your Room!

This may seem redundant to many and hopefully it is and you already have a habit of cleaning your bedroom, say once a week, but I know a lot of people, students especially, who from time to time need a helpful reminder. If you’re living with your parents, mom helps you clean your bedroom, or at least nags you about cleaning it, but once you go off to college there isn’t anyone there to remind you week after week to clean your room and so the mess builds up, and gets bigger, to the point where you don’t know where to begin cleaning.

Here’s some practical help. The key is to find some techniques and apply them consistently to the point where it becomes a habit. In a few weeks you will find yourself cleaning your room week after week because benefits will out way the chore and no one will need to remind you. Here is a step by step guide to help you clean the essential components of any bedroom.

Depending on the condition of your bedroom first there will be the need of a deep clean. We will go over the steps for a successful deep clean, however once this is done the following cleaning sessions will be a lot faster. It may only take up to 20 minutes.


6 Steps for Cleaning your Bedroom


Step 1: Reward SystemBedroom_cleaning_tips_reward

Before you start doing any chore that may be daunting or burdensome, come up with reward for yourself once you are finished. Some examples are watching a movie with your family or friends, eating a candy bar or a favorite dish, going outside to play a game of soccer. Anything that is considered a treat for yourself will work. This will work as
motivation to get your bedroom super clean.

Step 2: Air Circulation

Open the windows and doors to let fresh air naturally ventilate your bedroom. Also it is best if some sunshine can come in. This is nature’s way of disinfecting and freshening up any space.

Step 3: Hidden Piles: Under the Bed, Closet, Inside Dressers

Now let’s begin with the hard to reach places first. It’s a good idea to start with the “hard” part of any project, that way, you don’t burn yourself out in the end.

First look under your bed. Pull everything out from under there. You will be amazed what you can find. Separate the mess into 3 piles; things that you need and will be keeping, things that can be given away either for charity or to friends, and things that need to go to the trash/recycling bin. Repeat this exercise with things in your closet, dresser, desk, shelves and other compartments your room may have.

Step 4: Items in Your Room: Desk, Bookshelves

Once the unnecessary things have been cleared from the various compartments in your room it is time to clean the surfaces. What are the different surfaces you need to attend to? Well there is your bed, your desk, dresser, bookshelf, mirror and your floor or carpet. Time to bring in your vacuum or broom and some dusters.

When vacuuming first start with the edges. You may need to use the crevice attachment for this. Once the edges are done vacuum the carpet vertically, up and down in small sections. You may go over an area twice but that’s good, the first pass may just lift the carpet while the second and third pass is when the dirt is actually sucked up.

A good trick for dusting is to use a pair of clean socks, perhaps one that you don’t care to dirty. Wear them on your hands put some water or cleaning solution on one and leave the other one dry. Use the wetsterling_cleaning_closet_color_coded._w.1000_h.1000_s.fit_ sock to scrub any dirty furniture like your desk and bookshelf and use the dry sock to wipe away the dirt and pick up the dust.

Step 5: Tidy Up

Almost done. Make sure everything is organized put in place. Put away the piles of clothes and other items you will be keeping where they belong. For clothes its a good idea to arrange them based on color so its easier to find.

Take out the things that are meant to be recycled or trashed or recycled and make sure you set a time to give away things that are still good but you don’t need. Organize your books, put the clothes back in the dresser and closet. Make your bed.

Empty out the trash from the vacuum and put it away along with other cleaning tools you may have been using.

Step 6: Treat yourself

Finally! Reward yourself with the treat you planned to enjoy in the beginning. The job is done! Enjoy your bowl of ice cream or that movie with your friend you’ve earned it!

Cleaning can be hard when it has piled up but once that first session is completed the next few times will be a lot easier. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to clean every week. This will help you build a habit of cleaning. Enjoy a your new bedroom!