Epoxy Floor Coatings – DIY or Hire a Professional


Should You Do An Epoxy Floor Yourself or Hire a Professional?

There are several things to think about if you choose to install your own epoxy coating on a home or garage floor. Most home improvement stores sell or rent epoxy flooring kits and tools. However, proper preparation must be done properly in order for an epoxy floor to turn out correctly or stand up to use or harsh environments.

First, the original concrete surface must have any other coatings completely removed. Any grease, oil, stains, paint or other substances will impact the bonding process and keep the new epoxy coating from properly adhering to the concrete slab below. This would result in flaking, peeling and chipping under normal use. Most garage floors already have a coat of sealer that would need to be fully removed for the epoxy coating to stick to the concrete. Acid etching is the most widely used way to prepare your concrete floor for an epoxy coating, but first you need to remove most stains and sealers. Acid etching works to open up the pores of a bare concrete surface. This allows the epoxy to soak and attach to clean and porous concrete.

For most homeowners the time, aggravation, and risk of wasting material when installing flooring themselves is not worth the cost savings and could often times result in more costly fixes if done incorrectly. When hiring a contractor, be sure to look into their experience. Many individuals advertise them selves as professional flooring installers when in reality they lack experience.


 Looking to Hire An Epoxy Floor Coating Professioanal?