Polished Marble Creates Durable Flooring


Marble Throughout History

Marble has had countless uses and has been treated as one of nature’s most beautiful resources throughout human history. This durable material was formed roughly 60 to 600 million years ago, when limestone was subjected to intense heat and pressure. This chemical change resulted in a natural stone that is beautiful to look at, but substantially stronger than normal limestone.

Shiny, Polished, Gorgeous Marble

Marble has a natural property that makes polishing it very easy. It is able to have a very high shine but also allows light to penetrate it creating a soft glow on the surface. From ancient history to the present, monumental buildings and locations have been made out of the best quality marble.  The Parthenon in Rome, the Taj Mahal, Washington Monument, United States Supreme Court Building, and Lincoln Memorial all have marble incorporated in their design.

The floors, columns, and even walls of some of the most important buildings and palaces of human history throughout the world have been built using marble. The maintenance, restoration, and care of these places has been of great importance.

Marble Flooring Care, Restoration, and Maintenance

Marble continues to be popular today to embellish living spaces and create a sense of luxury. Marble countertops or marble flooring are frequently used in private homes or businesses. Marble cleaning, polishing, restoration, refinishing, buffing, or general proper marble care are top concerns for new and current home owners, or anyone that wishes to maintain this stone’s looks and quality.


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