Marble is More than Flooring

For centuries, marble has been treated as one of nature’s most beautiful resources. This miraculous material was formed roughly 60 to 600 million years ago, when limestone was subjected to intense heat and pressure. It literally went through a chemical metamorphosis that resulted in not only a more visually appealing but substantially stronger element than normal limestone.

Marble Making History

Shining marble is made possible because the stone has a natural property that not only enables it to have a very high polish but also allows light to penetrate it and thus create a delicate “glow” in its surface. The best marbles were destined for ambitious monumental construction since ancient times and the tradition continues today.  The Parthenon in Rome, the Taj Mahal, Washington Monument, United States Supreme Court Building, and Lincoln Memorial all employ Marble in its architecture.

president_abraham_lincoln-West-Palm-beach-FLHowever, this polished stone in particular, Carrara Marble named after the Italy city that queries the fine stone, has been especially sought after material for sculpture. Famous art works include many ancient Greek creations such as the Bust of Artemis in addition to Michelangelo’s David and Pietà sculptures.

Marble Flooring Care in West Palm Beach, Florida

Today, popular uses of marble center around embellishing living spaces. Marble countertops or marble flooring are frequently used in private homes or business environments. Marble restoration, refinishing, buffing, or general proper marble care are foremost concerns for prospective marble owners or anyone that wishes to maintain this stone’s prodigious quality. To learn about the best cleaner, floor polish, floor cleaning method, or how to repair your specific marble tile or marble surface consult a friendly Sterling Cleaning expert today.