Take Time Out In Getting To Know Your Carpet Cleaning Company!

Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach Service will clean your carpet with great results and will neither overcharge  nor misrepresent any of their cleaning charges.

It’s important that when you’re dealing with a carpet cleaning company you should know what it is that you want. Don’t rely on anybody to tell you everything that you want to know.  Find out yourself what you should know about the carpet cleaning establishment you want to hire. Ask them how much they charge per square feet for cleaning your carpet and how much they collect for certain special services. Remember that you have to pay for the extra services over and above the regular cleaning price that you have requested for. Ask for an estimate of the total cleaning bill to avoid any misunderstanding later.

We at Sterling Cleaning always inform the customers about the cleaning fees that we charge for every Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach Service we perform in their homes.

What we usually do is wash the carpet, apply shampoo and vacuum dry it later. We also remove pet stains from the carpet or any other type of stains. There are carpet cleaning companies that lack the expertise and experience to eradicate the stains from the surface of the carpets. Now if they are not able to do the job completely on the outer part of the carpet I would hate to think what the real condition in the inner part of the carpet is.

We are also very careful not to cause any damage to any household fixtures such as doors and appliances. We always remove them away from harm’s way to avoid hitting them. This will also enable us to carry out the complete cleaning procedure. Our Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach personnel is highly trained not only in the carpet cleaning technology; they are also trained in the proper arrangement of your furniture and appliances

We are always careful in removing your things in the cleaning process and returning them back again after the cleaning is through. We see to it that we arranged them back according to how we found them. You can be sure that we will do the rearranging carefully and with extra effort. You will find everything the way they were before, after we finished our cleaning.

After the cleaning we will send you the cleaning bill itemizing everything including the special services that you requested. Every charge would be properly accounted for your easy perusal. We won’t perform any extra services unless agreed up front. This is usually where some misunderstanding occurs during the billing time. Some owners will insist that they didn’t authorize any of the extra services. And of course some carpet cleaning company forgets to emphasize this part of the cleaning service to the satisfaction of the owner. We always inform the owners what each cleaning service is all about.

We at Sterling cleaning charge only the Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach that we actually carry out.

This is another area where home owners should be very careful about. Some unscrupulous carpet cleaning company will charge even nonexistent services. Always check the Better Business Bureau rating of the carpet cleaning company that you plan to hire. Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach by Sterling Cleaning has an A + rating. You are safe with us.