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Sterling Cleaning with our carpet cleaning in West Palm Beach will clean your carpets properly and sees to it that it stays as beautiful and useful for a long, long time

The long time practice of hanging the carpet and whacking the dirt out of it is destructive. The constant beating leads to a lot of carpet backing damage. It softens the carpet, making it lose its luxurious property. It becomes soft and lifeless and less cushy. Presently, with the advent of new technology, the invention of vacuum cleaners is doing a better job of removing the dirt and preserving the comfy property of carpets. Running the vacuum cleaner on the carpet surface is an easy task. You just have to get used to moving the handle up and down and control its direction.

However, there’s more to carpet cleaning than using the vacuum cleaner and our Sterling Cleaning’s Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach Service would like to save you the trouble of doing the job.

How many times will you need to clean your carpet? The standard recommendations by the IICRC S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning will give you a better idea. There’s a big difference when you do the job as compared to leaving it to the professionals. The frequency gap between you and the commercial cleaning companies is too large.

Carpets that are not in heavy traffic areas and have a light soil rating need to be vacuumed once a week. If you hire professionals to do it, they’ll only need to do it every 12 to 18 months. That’s quite a big difference. What does this reveal to you aside from the time element? The cleaning technique and the effect it has on the carpet.

The reason why you have to do it more often is because what you do is an incomplete cleaning. Since you are not trained to do it and your vacuum is the type that only provides simple cleaning delivery, the dirt and the grimes are not removed completely. It means that the germs are always present in your house. When there are germs, diseases are permanently present in one way or another. Asthma, coughs and colds, skin allergies, and other lung related illnesses will just keep coming back.

Our Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach Service has encountered a lot of these types of situations, especially in homes where there is poor ventilation or centralized air conditioning. The pathogens will circulate in your home’s atmosphere and will contaminate everything inside it. Some members of the family will exhale them and we’ll inhale the same, and vice versa.

We always deliver excellent results and very affordable rates. Our experience has taught us to deal with all kinds of carpets, and not only that, we always train our personnel with the latest techniques with regards to carpet cleaning and handling.

If there’s a Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach establishment that will truly protect yourself and your family from the contaminants that are hiding in carpets, it’s Sterling Cleaning.

Discover what real carpet cleaning is, and obtain all the benefits that should be yours. We have the most powerful and advanced vacuum cleaners in the business. They soak water very fast and dry your carpet in just a short time. You won’t miss your carpets for long and when they return to service you will be glad that you chose our Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach service company to perform your carpet cleaning.