Marble Restoration Is Not Enough, Protecting The Marble Afterwards Should be Part of It!

Marble restoration West Palm Beach can do wonders with your marble floors and other fixtures

Beautiful white marble has always been the envy of a luxurious home. Marble flooring, bathrooms, fireplaces, and ceilings have always been sought out by people who can afford them. There is a soft spot in one’s heart when they see and experience the beauty brought about by white marble. Marble has always been associated with grandeur as exemplified by famous and beautiful structures. Even the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar said “I found Rome of clay; I leave it to you of marble” to associate it with grandeur and power.

Marble is similar to limestone stone that has interconnected capillary channels that permit liquids and gases to enter them. Marble stones can act like a sponge, and capillary action draws in liquids over time, along with any dissolved salts and other solutes. That is why, if you have marble bathrooms, you must occasionally clean and dry their surface to avoid water stains.

When you move into a new home a notice worn out or stained marble, you might be sitting on a treasure. Marble restoration can work wonders for you.

Sterling’s Marble restoration West Palm Beach will get that Marble restored and protected for years.

Our marble restoration West Palm Beach service with years of experience has the answer to your problems. We can get the worn out marble back to its luxurious glow. There are many companies at West Palm Beach who offer marble restoration. However, anyone can claim they can do marble restoration. We have been in the industry for years and offer you client reference to attest to the quality of our work for Marble restoration at West Palm Beach.

If it’s a new building or home we can also install your marble kitchens, floors, walls, bathrooms, and dining rooms. To protect marble and to increase its life span, after a restoration work sealers need to be applied to the marble’s surface. There are basically three broad types of modern sealers namely: topical, penetrating, and impregnating sealers. Depending on the marble type and location will determine what type of sealers to be used. With our several years of experience and well trained staff, we can easily determine the best sealers to apply to the marble. If the person choosing the sealers lacks the experience, you may end up with poor marble protection.

Our marble restoration West Palm Beach service will take your breath away.

Aside from offering marble restoration, we also provide consultation services on how to maintain your marble kitchens, floors, walls, bathrooms, dining rooms and others. A simple maintenance such as marble polishing with baking soda will clean stains immediately when they hit the marble surface but marbles to really shine and excel needs more than this.

If you have a marble floor needing restoration, call us at Sterling Cleaning and we can turn that lackluster and scratched marble surfaces into a completely new looking floor. With our excellent marble restoration West Palm Beach service we can not only restore the floor to its original shine but we can bring that “take your breath away” effect when visitors visit your home.